Kara Bohn


Kara is currently pursuing a Master of Health Administration at A.T. Still University in Arizona.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a minor in Health Professions from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She spent a large portion of her college years participating in studies within the Kinesiology department to gain a better understanding of the various disciplines that encompass, health, advanced biomechanics, and the science of applied movement in the human body.  Her primary discipline of study focused on gaining an understanding of human movement in order to analyze problems and come up with treatments for these problems.  Furthermore, her studies have made her adept at utilizing biofeedback mechanisms to target specific treatment methods for movement disorders. Upon graduation, she relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona where she expanded her love for medicine by working as an Assistant Office Manager for a specialty clinic for two and a half years. During her management tenure in the field of health and medicine, she has successfully managed the integration of healthcare delivery systems, technological innovations, and the restructuring of work and budgets with an increased focus on preventative care. She is an innovative, efficient, detail-oriented, and passionate Practice Manager who puts pride in the work that she does. One of her strengths is the notable level of care and passion she has for patients.  Kara continues to be a vital member of our healthcare team and possesses exceptional patient-centered management skills. She is committed to improving the efficiency and quality of the care provided by Apex Physicians. It is her goal to make a significant contribution to the health of citizens in our community through effective management, clinical operations, and delivery of healthcare services.  In her free time, she enjoys fitness and exercise, attempting a new art project or hiking with her two dogs.

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