A Message From Our Founder, CEO & Chairman
Michael Darkoh

Our health underpins our happiness and is a foundation of economic advancement. The challenges of promoting healthier lifestyles and providing access to adequate healthcare are enormous, especially with a globally growing and aging population and the rise of infectious diseases. Governments and healthcare providers alike face the daunting prospect of containing costs while improving patient outcomes. Infectious diseases are taxing our communities, health care system and our economy. The cost of treating infectious diseases has grown faster than any other major disease category with an annual average growth rate of 5.5%. These costs are influenced by pricing structures dependent on a given treatment, greater treatment intensities per visit, shifts from lower-cost treatments to higher-cost treatments and a movement into less restrictive insurance plans. This is further complicated by the fact that 1 in 10 hospitalized patients will acquire infections after admission resulting in further substantial economic costs, estimated at $6.7 billion per year. To many, these are insurmountable challenges and the prevailing thought is that “care will be a commodity.”


Apex has stepped up to these challenges and we are tackling them by using risk management, individualization, care coordination, and predictive analytics as these produce the best health care outcomes while reducing health care costs. We are entering a new era in the medical industry where value-based care is delivered through an integrated model focused on prevention, diagnosis, therapy and on-going care. This integrated model itself becomes a powerful differentiator. 


In accessing the quality of care delivered, creating an apples-to-apples comparison within a patient populous is impossible; no two health conditions are exactly the same,  To solve this problem, we have created a risk adjustment score for individuals who suffer similar but unique situations allowing for statistical models to be predictive resulting in greater access, better economic efficiency, and better health outcomes.  Patients are spending less money to achieve better health, specialists achieve efficiencies and greater satisfaction, payers control costs and reduce risks, suppliers align pricing structures with patient outcomes, communities become healthier while reducing overall healthcare spending.

Our mission is simple; delivering superior healthcare services with uncompromising excellence. Our vision is clear; to become a national and global leader in specialty care services by improving the health, wellness, and quality of life of the communities we serve. We are well on our way. Our mission to deliver an unwavering quality of healthcare is improving the health of our communities for the better. The reason is simple: We put our patients and members first.


To achieve our goals, we amassed the perfect team and follow several key principles. We provide patient-centered care, execute with operational excellence, commit to integrity, fairness, and responsibility. Acting from a position of strength, we took important steps and we organized around how people prefer to access care instead of requiring them to engage in ways that don’t match their preferences or needs. We improved our cost structure and continued our shift to value-based care utilizing predictive analytics.


We moved boldly to address unsustainable medication costs and understand upstream influences on health. We implemented new initiatives, formed new partnerships, and launched new ventures. Our caregivers rose to the challenge as modern-day pioneers in healthcare. We came together, got better, and grew stronger. And we’re not finished. Our commitment to delivering the best quality care at the lowest possible price not only serves our community but has the potential to reshape the healthcare industry.


For those who might ask why a highly successful company continues to strive to be better and works to lead a revolution toward value, the answer is twofold:  1) because we can, and 2) because we must. We will provide the right care, the highest-quality care, and the most affordable care possible for those we serve, and we will show the way for others in healthcare to do the same.


We are a part of the communities we serve, and as we join new communities, we will follow our own example: Listen; become part of the local fabric; and find every way possible to help our members and patients live healthy and happy lives. As the Founder & CEO of Apex Physicians, I am very grateful to the community, to our patients, and to my dedicated staff for all their support in making Apex Physicians a success. We live in a beautiful state and I am personally committed to making Apex Physicians the best place to work and to receive services while continuing to support our communities.

Welcome to the pinnacle of healthcare - Apex Physicians!

Michael Darkoh

Founder & CEO

Apex Physicians