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Apex Physicians Infectious Diseases Specialists

APEX is a group of consulting physicians, educated and trained at Mayo Clinic and other world-renowned, multi-specialty academic medical centers in the United States, that integrate clinical and hospital care with research and education.  They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious and tropical diseases. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of care from the management of simple infections to the treatment of most complex and unusual tropical diseases. We also assist in the management of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies and offer infectious disease screening for individuals undergoing immune-targeted biologic therapy. Apex physicians are available twenty-four hours a day, to provide care for the community. Our priority is to provide comprehensive, confidential and compassionate care for all our patients.  It is our honor to care for you.  

What is an ID Specialist?

Infectious Diseases Specialists have extensive training and knowledge of how viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi affect the body. Much like medical detectives, they investigate difficult cases, parsing through the evidence, looking for clues to identify the culprit and solve the problem. Infectious Diseases Specialists review your medical data, including X-rays and laboratory reports such as blood work, cultures, and pathology data to help determine the cause of the problem. 

Infectious Diseases Specialists typically undergo 9-10 years of specialized education and training: 4 years of medical school, 3 years training as a doctor of internal medicine, and 2-3 years of specialized training in Infectious Diseases. Many common infections can be treated by your personal physician or an internist. In cases where an infection is difficult to diagnose or does not respond to treatment, your doctor might refer you to an Infectious Diseases Specialist. 


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